14th August 2019 - TMBC Monthly Meeting Minutes


Attendance: Juliet Redding, Brett Cotter, Mat McColley, Tom Glover, Cameron Carlile, Jacob Simpson,

Captain Cheese, Terry Rowbotham, Troy Meehan, Waide Brennan, Geoff Weiden, Dennis Burke.

Apologies: Chris Jannusch, Ryan Myler, Tamara Katai, Rod Hickey, Brendan Perks, Lloyd Svensen

Cameron Scutts

Opening of the Meeting: 7pm, 14 August, 2019

Minutes of Previous Meeting: Minutes of previous meeting accepted as correct by Tom Glover, these

will be made available on the Website.

Conflicts of Interest to be declared:

• Conflicts of Interest – Ryan Myler, Tom Glover and Mat McColley have informed Club of their

new Bike Park venture which is in its early stages. Ryan Myler has resigned from his position

with the Club. After discussions Matt McColley’s position as Treasurer shouldn’t be impacted

and he indicated he would like to continue in his position with the Club, Tom Glover will

continue in his position as Grants Officer but will step back from his position with Maintenance.

Both Matt and Tom will sign declarations and upload to Slack.

Presidents Report

We had a number of vacancies to the Executive and Committee and these will be open for nominations:

• Current opening for Executive Positions – call for Secretary position has been answered by Chris

Jannusch. Move to nominate Chris for the position – Brett Cotter / seconded Jake Simpson/ voted


• Current opening for the Social Media Positions – Move to vote in Troy Meehan and Waide

Brennan by Juliet Redding / seconded Brett Cotter / voted in.

• Current opening for the Maintenance Position – Move to vote in Terry Rowbotham by Brett

Cotter/ seconded Tom Glover/ voted in.

• Current opening for the Event Co-ordinator position – Move to vote in Brendan Perks by Juliet

Redding / seconded Cameron Carlile / voted in.

• The position for Council Liaison is to be dissolved and to become the function of the Presidents

role. Motion Moved by Brett Cotter / seconded Matt Horton / voted in.

• Trail Development will become a committee instead of a specific role – Motion moved by Brett

Cotter / seconded Juliet Redding / voted in.

Juliet thanked Tom Glover for the work he had done for the Maintenance position. He has worked

incredibly hard, is very organised, proactive and extremely giving volunteer. Tom has made it much

easier for the next person coming into the role and we very much appreciate his time and effort.

Business Arising from Previous Meeting:

• Race Updates – TMBCs Range8 is the last race of our season possibly and we have had a big race

season. Matthew Redding is doing the timing for the race and has spent many hours on

programming a timing system, for his work prior and on the day it was moved that he get an iRide

voucher for $250 as a thank you. We had to spend between $800-900 for timing last year from

Rats. Motion moved Jake Simpson, seconded and voted in. We also moved that the bunting now

become a paid job for events in future. Rod Hickey has nominated for the Role as he has the most

expertise in this area. The first job will be for Range8 and he will not only bunt for the race and

village but remove the bunting after. The events will be bunted to MTBA standards and it is a big

job and requires proper handling. Motion was moved by Juliet Redding / was seconded and voted


• Defib Duplication update and schedule – Brett gave a run through of where the build is up to and

difficulty with dry weather. It will mean that until the Duplication climb up is finished and we

have rain for compaction of trails we won’t be able to start on the Defib down otherwise we risk

having the two trails out of action.

• Outcomes from Fire Situation in Jubilee

Brett Cotter looked into the issues and we discussed that TMBC does not have a fire management

plan and should not. The lives and safety of Park users is not our responsibility. Taking an

official stance on park alerts is a risky game that we should not play. A fire management plan for

events is necessary and Juliet has contacted Michael Wilson and Rob Free for further discussions

and will come up with the plan for the Range8 event. When park users do post regarding a fire

then the best option is to put “please follow this post” and post updates when you safely can.

• MTBA filming teenagers in the park in September has been organised through Lachlan of

Elements. The park has been booked and organisation has been finalised.

Club Finances: Mat McColley

• Current situation was updated by Mat McColley.

• ASF deductible donations will be set up on the website as soon as possible to allow members to

donate to TMBC for the ongoing build, maintenance of trails and funding for Events and costs of

running the Club.

• Annual forward budget – we are still determining the annual cost of running the club so that we

are able to forward plan to ensure we have funding set aside for the running of the club, events and

upkeep of Club assets.

Trail Updates and Development – Tom Glover / Brett Cotter

• Trail Remediation plan was tabled by Tom Glover and discussions around how the Trail Audit

would be handled was also discussed. The Hyper/Frenzy connector trail will need to be renamed,

moved by Rod Hickey and seconded by Tom – no name has been decided on.

• Hot Rod Audit required that the trail be closed until the last section of trail could be completed

and signed off by the Council.

• Volunteer & Training Schedule. The training of Volunteers would be in a basic understanding of

how to maintain the trails correctly and would be undertaken by Brett Cotter. A date was set for

the next Maintenance day in July.

• Defib Duplication Update – Brett Cotter gave an update on start of Defib Duplication, changes to

the DX entry and to taking care when coming in to see them as the machinery would be in


• Trail Audit 3 yr Plan – Trail development meeting was held and discussion was around the

planning for the next three years of trails. Opening up the section of land on the right hand side of

the central firetrail was discussed with options on different trails and access. A trail plan was

decided and the order in which the trails would need to be constructed. The documentation will be

undertaken by Brett Cotter and Juliet Redding and was taken to a meeting with the Council where

it was well received.

Membership currently- 208

General Business Arising

• Tom Glover raised the Enviro grant and other opportunities and he will apply for the grants in the

next month.

• Filming in the Park for MTBA State Govt Grant will be on 31 August and 7/8 September.